Beef Tartare V Kolkovně 120g
mixed and served with garlic toast /1,3,10/
275 Kč
Onion Rings 200 g
with cheese sauce /1,3,7/
95 Kč
"Olomouc" tartare 150g
grated spicy Olomouc cheese /1,3,7,10/
135 Kč
VKOLKOVNĚ Brawn 150g
Lean ham brawn with onion and vinegar /1/
110 Kč
Drowned Men 200g
Cold spicy pickled sausages /1/
145 Kč
Selection of Traditional Czech Starters 310 g
Ham off the bone, ham brawn, pickled sausage with onion, homemade garlic pork belly and pickled camembert type cheese /7/
275 Kč
Chilli Sausages 300g
Spicy chilli sausages served in a beer tankard with mustard and horseradish /7,10/
145 Kč
Marinated Camembert cheese 120g
Fine Camembert cheese marinated in garlic and chilli spices /7/
165 Kč
Grilled Camembert 120g
Grilled Camembert served on salad with cranberries and baguette /1,3,7/
190 Kč
Roasted almonds 100 g
105 Kč
Caesar salad 90 g
Romaine and iceberg lettuce with fried English bacon and croutons, anchovy and parmesan dressing served with grilled chicken breast /1,3,4,7,10/
210 Kč
Greek salad 70 g
Vegetable salad with feta cheese, oregano and grilled pita bread /1,7,8,10/
205 Kč
Big green mixed salad
Mix of lettuces with fresh vegetable and rucola /10/
155 Kč
Goulash Soup
Beef shank, potatoes and sweet red peppers. Served in a stoneware mug with a pretzel /1,3,7/
85 Kč
Chicken Broth
Chicken, vegetables, noodles and fresh herbs /1,3,9/
75 Kč
Soup of the day /Mo - Fri, until 3:00 pm/
55 Kč
Krkonoše Potato Soup
Potatoes, vegetables and dried mushrooms. Served in a bread bowl /1,9/
95 Kč
VKOLKOVNĚ Wings 450g
Chicken wings in spicy marinade with roasted corn and two different sauces /1,7,10/
195 Kč
1/2 Roast duck 1200g
1/2 Roast duck, bread and potato dumplings, red and white cabbage /1,3,7/
315 Kč
Chicken <<Schnitzel>> 200g
Fried chicken breast with mash potato /1,3,7/
175 Kč
Pilsner goulash 200g
Pilsner style beef goulash with bread dumplings and potato pancakes /1,3,7/
195 Kč
Roasted Pork knuckle 1 pc
Roasted pork knuckle with creamy horseradish, mustard, cabbage salad /7,10/
399 Kč
Grilled smoked pork neck 200g
Served with rosemary potatoes, cabbage, horseradish and mustard /7,10/
185 Kč
Beef <<Svíčková>> 180g
Beef sirloin in creamy sauce, served with bread and carlsbad dumpling /1,3,7,9,10/
215 Kč
Roasted Pork Ribs 750g
Spicy, marinated roasted pork ribs with a garlic baguette and two different sauces /1,7/
345 Kč
Halušky with bryndza
Potato Halušky ( gnocchi) with sheep bryndza and smoked bacon /1,3,7/
170 Kč
Salmon Steak 180 g
Baked salmon with herb butter, served with mashed potato and almonds broccoli /4,7,8/
365 Kč
Grilled chicken breast 200 g
Marinated chicken breast, served with jasmine rice, vegetables and mushrooms /1,7/
195 Kč
Steak pork neck 300 g
In spicy marinade, served with roasted beans and rosemary potatoes /1/
295 Kč
Beef SIRLOIN steak 250 g
Served with rosemary potatoes, grilled vegetables and BBQ sauce /1/
480 Kč
Grilled pork tenderloin 200 g
Served with homemade rosemary potatoes, grilled vegetables and BBQ sauce /7/
325 Kč
Burger Special 150g
Tender young bull beef on a bun, Cheddar cheese and onion rings with iceberg lettuce leaves, bacon, tomatoes, pickled gherkins, onion, with french fries /1,7,10,11/
255 Kč
Cheeseburger 150g
Young bull beef on a bun, Cheddar cheese with iceberg lettuce leaves, tomatoes, pickled gherkins, onion, with french fries /1,7,10,11/
225 Kč
Chickenburger 150g
Grounded young chicken breast, on a bun with iceberg lettuce leaves, tomatoes, pickled gherkins, onion, with french fries /1,7,10,11/
215 Kč
Venison–Beer–WhitewithPepper 300g/3pcs
Golden smoked sausages with creamy horseradish and spicy mustard /7,10/
185 Kč
Fettucine with salmon 80g
With cream and spinach /1,3,4,7/
195 Kč
Spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino
sprinkled parmesan /1,3,7/
160 Kč
Fry-up 150 g
Fried Eidam cheese, with boiled potatoes and tartar sauce /1,3,7,10/
165 Kč
Warm Apple Strudel
with walnuts, vanilla ice cream and caramel /1,3,7,8/
135 Kč
Ice Cream /3 Scoops/ /3,7/
99 Kč
Chocolate fondant
Warm chocolate cake, served with vanilla ice cream /1,3,7/
148 Kč
Fruit stuffed cheese dough dumplings 120g
145 Kč